Lomo Lubitel 166+ 03


  • Lester Anderson says:

    Posted: 2017-01-05

    A super portrait! Is the Lubitel 166 a good choice for portaiture in medium format? Looks like you can get serious images from the basic camera. For the same price new, one could get a Bronica or Fuji. Have you worked with the Lubitel 166+ universal as sold by Lomography? Antworten

    • Michael Gärtner replies:

      Posted: 2017-01-08

      Thank you! I´m sure, that there are better medium format cameras. Actually I have rather less experience with this format. Except of the Lubitel I also have a Diana F+, which is really cheap (49 Euros at Lomography), but not made for serious photography. Yes, I worked with the very same Lubitel as sold at Lomography. Antworten



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